New Friends

Friday night the Avengers was out, so you know I bought my reserved ticket for Studio Movie Grill. I have become so accustomed to going to the movies alone that I forget to invite other people (Sorry S+J), so it was a solo date night. The movie was pretty good even though I took a power nap during the final battle. What? It was super late and it felt like it was never going to end!
Reserved - is there any other way?
After the movie (it's past midnight at this point) I walked to where I thought I parked my car but Matilda was no where to be found. I started to panic, but tried to look calm, and headed back towards the theater so I could avoid getting kidnapped and come up with a game plan. All I could come up with was call S+J so I'm not stranded. Then I remembered that I had actually parked in the other garage, so I headed that way. When I got to the top I spotted her. I've never been so relieved to see Matil in my whole life! What was I not so relieved to see? The three shady people hanging out in a vacant spot a few feet away from my car. Obviously I wasn't attacked since I'm writing this, but it did seem very odd. I made it home safe and sound.

Saturday morning I met Laura (new girl from work) at the Farmer's Market. I was so stoked when she invited me because I hadn't been before! Did I need anything? no. But I went anyway. She brought her friend, but I don't remember her name (this just got awkward). We walked around, checked out the veggies, and I bought some macarons. They were pretty good. I really liked the green one (Lilly of the valley) and will def hit them up again!

We had breakfast at Empire Cafe (no, not the hotel owned by Chuck Bass). And in the moment that they delivered my waffle (which looked over cooked - those sneaky cooks!) and I took my first bite, my life was forever changed. It was amazing! Life changing!

 They had three paintings in the large dining room. This was by far my fave:
This isn't the one I was facing, but def my fave of the three.
Unfortunately the one that faced me was of a woman dressed like a genie, and I'm pretty sure her nipples were out. Awkward.

After breakfast I headed to the gym and got to chat with Jess for a bit before she left and I headed to BodyPump. Turns out Brian had a sub. ugh. I like this lady alright, but she doesn't play the music loud enough, and I never know what she's saying. I don't know if it's because she is mumbling, talking too fast, or has bad timing with her instructions, but I never know what's going on. And that? irritates me. I finished up with some cardio then headed home.

These last couple of weeks I've designated Saturday night as my cook something new night. Just because I'm cooking for one doesn't mean it's ok to get lazy in the kitchen. This week I pulled out a recipe I had bookmarked from a blog a while back. I don't know what happened, but it wasn't any good. This is probably the second time in my whole life that I've followed a recipe only to have a crap result. I was irritated and resorted to cheese and crackers for my sub in dinner. EFFFFFFF! On the positive side, at least I was only cooking for myself, so no one else will be scarred for life and remember me as a terrible cook, because I'm not. Just so we are clear.

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