Pole 1.5

I went to Tricks and Transitions before my normal pole class.

Yeah, that was a treat. The transition we learned was pretty easy: hip dip with a leg slide. NBD. For our next trick/transition, it consisted of a few pole holds with our arms. I hate those. I just don't trust my arms to hold me up. Whatever. I can do the trick, I just can't make it look pretty...yet.

Next we learned the mermaid spin. You start with the chair (which I was actually doing pretty well that day!) but quickly turn your body and wrap your feet around the pole (realize that doesn't paint a good visual, and I couldn't find video). If your ankles seperate, then you are going to have some trouble (discovered that first hand). 

It was skirt week so I wore my running skirt. Yes, I am that cool.

At the regular class we worked on the crawl, a little more of the dance, and one handed spins. I left all of my sexy at home and felt rather robotic (which reminds me of one class Jes & I took and during my spotlight I did the robot to segway into my spin.). Overall, I was not in a pole la teaz mode and couldn't wait for it to be over. 

Injuries: Bruises on both of my wrists that made it look like I had been man handled. small bruises all over my legs and huge ones on my knees from the crawling. And I cut my thigh with my heel. How does that happen?!?

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  1. i LOVE your pole class updates!