You Are Like A Friendship Orgasm

Thanks B.

Probably my fave picture of us.
B and I have reached our 1 year anniversary of living together (as friends...in separate bedrooms...just so we are clear.). This has probably been one of the smoothest living arrangements I've been in (except for when I lived by myself). We really haven't had any arguments. In the rare occasion I upset B she'll just freeze me out until she's over it, so nothing huge has been an issue. It's crazy because we also work together and sometimes hang out on the weekends together. Pretty sure some people at work think we are together together, but we aren't. When we were first looking at apartments and I told the leasing agent that we were looking to sign for 12 months to forever I thought I was kidding, but I feel like that might be our reality.

The trip that started it all.

A lot of people wonder how we make this work, especially since we are now working together. Even though we spend a lot of time together, obviously, we do have separate lives and activities.I sit in a whole other room at work so we aren't together all day. After work we have different activities. I usually go straight to the gym, and I don't really know what B does. A few times during the week we do hang out after my gym sesh for WW and a few shows that we like to watch together. On the weekends we often times have roommate date night where we'll get dinner or order in. We typically have different day activities, but if we are together it's usually napping on the couches or by the pool.

Another thing that helps is most of the time we are just talking crazy and laughing. Sometimes I think B and I basically just try to one up the previous ridiculous thing we have said. And somehow we manage to do it.
  • Trick or Treat date. The Trick? We're getting married. The Treat? You are getting to marry me!
  • Angry voice saying nice things. This one originated when we were watching Ringer and Sioban  was complaining about how Bridget is pretending to be her and everyone loves her. So in an angry voice I said something about how dare she be so pleasant. We probably spent the next 30 min in angry voice convo and it ended when we were laughing so hard that B cried.
  • Before bed you can usually find us on our respective couches with our Mactops. B discovered that you can three way chat on fb, so if someone we both know is on, then we'll do a Mean Girls sneak attack. So far we have done this with Croc and Henry. We aren't really mean, but we just take turns saying really cray things and really fast so it probably makes the boys feel overwhelmed.
  • British voice convo about how we haven't seen each other in 10 min, what do we want for dinner, and how we are in love. Henry is to blame for this one. He tried making fun of us, but that kind of backfired. (which reminds me of when Margie would try to make fun of me & Stacy at my last job and we would always turn it around on her. Still miss you Stacy!)
  • Baby bijorn dance move.
  • Making fake history books.
  • and just saying cray cray things.
    • "Brittany sailed the ocean blue in two thousand and one two. And do you know what she found? reality. peace out sean." - B
    • "It all started when I was born with a mental disorder called (insert whatever is relevant to the current topic)." - I'll take full credit for that, and we have used multiple variations of it.
And those are stupid things that we came up with just last week. Imagine if I shared every thing we did.

I think the girls at lunch want to slap us sometimes because if we get bored we usually end up talking crazy to each other and laughing like lunatics. Plus we have a lot of our own terminology (crock pots, knitting, scissor hands, arts and crafts, baby roulette, engagement chicken, etc) and I'm sure that can get annoying if you don't know what we are talking about.

B and I have been through a lot. She brought me back to life after the Daniel thing. She's had to deal with my emotional instability through makeups, breakups, death, and the husband hunt. And yet, she still wants to live with me? This is one of the times when my personality must really be making up for that!

So Honey B (my little crumpet, Brittany Scissor Hand, Momma Bear, my third needle), here's to another 6 months...that will probably turn into forever. (How did this become my life?)

Jes (Baby Bear, your little cupcake & stripper, sweater knitter extraordinaire)
BJ House Love

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  1. stay tuned to see how many blows the BJ house can survive in 2012...