Serious Business

Vampire Diaries is my fave show. It's so serious that I will cut you with my eyes if you interrupt it.

This season has been full of epic moments (as always), such as this:

None of my friends watch it, so back in the day Daniel would watch it with me and he actually liked it. It was so nice to have someone to talk to about all of the crazy things that always happen.

Turns out he also broke up with the show. super lame. So that brought us to this email convo:

And I wish you still watched TVD because last night was the season finale and it was full of game changers. I was literally balling as if it was real life.

I.Die.just like some characters on the show.
Who died? One of the brothers yet?
I bet he thought I would only answer the specific questions he asked...instead he got this:
OMG. Who didn't die is the real question!
  • In the last ep Elena smashed her head on a table and the ep ended with passed out and bleeding from her nose. This ep she woke up in the hospital with the Dr. telling Jerbear that it's just a concussion.
  • This season we met the whole original family and the original witch (Klaus' mother)
  • The original witch turned Alaric into a vampire (to become an immortal vampire hunter) but tied his life to Elena so that once his job was done, he'd kill her and be dead too.
  • Another twist? If an original is killed then his whole blood line is taken down too. Klaus is responsible for the blood line of Tyler (who became a hybrid this season by Klaus), Caroline, Damon & Stefan, and Bonnie's mother (who she found this season...and then was turned into a vampire).
  • last week they were able to basically drain almost all of Klaus' life and chain him up in a coffin for safe keeping...this week Alaric found him and staked him. Which should mean that every one dies.
  • Love Triangle: Since they think every one's going to die Elena has to decide which brother to say good bye too in person. She calls Damon to tell him she chose Stefan, that although she has feelings for Damon, she never unloved Stefan. She also mentions that maybe things would have been different if they had met first.
  • Only Tyler was effected by Klaus being staked, so it must be that Klaus wasn't really the head of everyone else's blood line.
  • BUT it turns out that bonnie did a body swap spell so Klaus is now residing in Tyler's body so as Tyler he was only pretending to be dying and scared Caroline into leaving him alone to "die" by turning into a werewolf.
  • Ok. SO then Rebecka (thinking Klaus is dead) decides she's going to kill Elena in order to kill Alaric (because his mission is to take out all of the originals, thus cleansing the world of all vampires).
  • Elena and Matt end up in his truck in the same river where her parents died...drowning.
  • Meanwhile Damon is fighting with Alaric giving the original time to flee to protect the blood line (no one knows about the body swap except for Bonnie). While he's laying there all beat up he has a flash back to the first time he met Elena. It was the night of the accident that killed her parents (Elena had been having flash backs from that day throughout the whole last ep). E was waiting for her parents to pick her up from the bonfire when Damon sees her, runs up and says "Katherine?" E looks confused and says no she's Elena Gilbert. Then they flirt, and as her parents pull up Damon compels her because he doesn't want anyone to know he's in town yet.
  • SO this means that she did meet him first, but he erased it from her memory. Because she met Stefan after the accident (which he pulled her from the car).
  • Stefan gets to the accident scene (present day with E & Matt drowning) and E makes him take Matt first (who is unconscious). We slowly watch her drowned.
  • Back to Damon - He's fighting Alaric when he notices A is weakening and ends up dying. So D realizes this means Elena must be dead too.
  • Flash to Jeremy - who comes down the stairs to find Alaric in the house. He's confused and asks him how he got in (Vampire Alaric is evilalaric). A said he wanted to say good bye and will always be with him (oh, btw, Jeremy can see ghosts). That's when Jer realizes E must be dead.
  • Damon runs into the hospital and the nurse stops him. She tells him that she lied to Jeremy about Elena having a concussion...she really had a brain hemorrhage so she "helped her" (BTW, this nurse is of the founding families and she sometimes uses vampire blood on the DL to heal patients).
  • So do you see where I"m going with this?
  • last scene? E laying in the morgue, opens her eyes and gasps for air. She is now in transition.
  • Which also means, she regains all of the memories that were compelled out of her, so this could put things back into Damon's favor!

Does anyone else watch this show and love it as much as I do? If yes, thoughts on the season finale?
If no, then what's wrong with you?

Did you read the books? I didn't because when you turn a book into a series it usually gets way off track, so I would just be setting myself up for more anger issues and "Do you know what I hate about today, other than everything?" moments.


  1. Anonymous15.5.12

    especially since it was about the vampire diaries

  2. Well I see that you've forgotten about lil' ol' Jenn loving this show!! That finale was so crazy! Rewind back to when they were going to let Alaric die and there were all those candles and everyone was standing around I was boo hooing like a baby. Pretty sure a lot of that was pregancy hormones too! When E and D were having their convo, I looked at Taylor and said, "He DID meet her first!!!" haha! That episode was an AWESOME finale. The only thing that makes me ok with it being the finale is that TB starts up in less than a month. YES! :)