Epic Return Of Wild West Wednesdays

errrr....it was supposed to be.

We had missed two weeks in a row because 1. We had the OTH series finale, and that def took priority over WWW. 2. My body was a little injured from Pole on Tuesday so I had to tap out.

I was so excited to finally be going back!

After BP I skipped out on my cardio/chat sesh time because I didn't want the boys to have to wait on me. WELLLLLLLL, what they forgot to mention was the whole we're going to be at Kyle's brewing beer before we go out situation. I got ready at super speed and decided to start The Vampire Diaries while I waited for the call...I got through the whole ep, noticed it was 9p and thought Adam ditched me. Nope. Just brewing beer because apparently now we don't go until 9:30? This was new to me. I was ready to call it a night, but didn't want to be a flake.

We finally headed over around 10. I was not a happy camper. I don't think the guys have ever been around me when I'm irritated, and def not when I'm irritated with them as this was the first time...but def not the last (foreshadow much?). So this was fun for everyone! haha. I just get really snarky with my jabs, it's actually quite funny...but maybe just for me and the people that aren't the target.

So it was Adam, April, and I. Third wheel. great. Ok.Ok. Actually it wasn't that bad. I'm pretty used to being the third wheel and April is pretty cool. Adam def set that one up for success when he started talking about how they saw Hunger Games. I tried not to geek out to hard on that and twilight, but I think I felt my eyes starting to get bigger as I talked. Adam is such a sweetheart, he took turns dancing with April and me. I would also like to thank April for sharing her boyfriend with me since I have failure to provide my own. And we were on the same page about the boys incompetence.
Adam and April
Croc finalllllllllllyyyyyyyyy (I hope you can feel the irritation with every letter typed in that word) showed up closer to 11. I almost ordered a beer just so I would have a bottle to break and shank him with. Oh, and where's Kyle? That's a good effing question! That fool backed out last min.Good thing I love surprise double dates! haha. All was forgiven (mostly) once Croc took me out on the dance floor.

See? so in love. (Maybe this is why I stopped getting invited to hang out?)

If you over look me cutting my workout short, going so late = coming home late, and Croc's inability to work with a schedule, it was a pretty good time.

Neighbors fo lyfe (or until one of us moves...whatevs).

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