We Have All The Tables

It was lunch club day but I was still stuck in a funk and just wanted to stay home and watch Vampire Diaries (which I totes did).

A few hours later, and many texts from the girls, I decided to meet up.

We got a table at Roak...there for a bit we actually had all of them. I don't think people started showing up until at least midnight.

Whatevs. We love private parties and hanging with each other anyway!

We may have gotten in trouble for having ice wars at our table. It's not like ice was being thrown in the crowd or anything. lame.

Thanks for the pictures Bennida!
Sometimes I'm in love with Taffs.
Please notice the empty bar. haha.
And sometimes we are in love with the dance floor!

 I love dance parties with Taffy! She def knew the trick to get me to come out.

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