It's Official

I'm old.

Friday night I was in bed by 9.

Is that real life?

Saddly, yes.

Saturday morning I work up bright and early and hit up the park for a nice run. OK, there wasn't really anything nice about it. I'm coming back from injury so I have ran maybe 4 times in the last 3 months. Yeah. Since then the heat and humidity seem to have gone up ten fold. Oh, how I love you Houston! My leggs/knee has felt like it was good to go for a few weeks now but I wasn't making time to run. I finally realized it was because I was scared. I knew it would be rough and I knew I would be slow from taking time off and from the weather. I was afraid of failure. I was also afraid that pain would reemmerge.

I got new shoes a week or two ago, so it was nice to finally put them to use! Luckily (a rare time I would say that) my Garmin died on the way to the park. It was nice not to be judged by it or myself as I took an extra slow pace so I wouldn't die of a heat stroak.

After my run I showered and met up with Laura at the Farmer's Market. I got trapped into some girl trying to get me to help save the rain forest.

Her: (after talking to be about what they do) We would love to get you involved.
Me: Ok, are you wanting my time or money?
Her: We work off of donations, let's get you signed up!
Me: I'm going to have to pass on that.
Her: What's stopping you from making a donation?
Me: It's just that I'm very selfish with my money and want to keep it all for myself. I know, I'm a terrible person.
Her: (speechless.)
I always figured that honesty was the best policy, so I just went with that.

After stocking up on Macarons I headed out to Katy to hang with Cole, Brittany, and Emma. I couldn't believe how much she's grown since I saw her last month. She's walking and even running around! It's crazy how fast she grows.

We took Emma to a park that had a water play area. Seemed like a good idea, but she didn't like it. So we headed home to change and go to the regular park in their neighborhood, but not before we stopped for snowcones. Back when I was living with preggo Brittany she went through a craving of snowcones. I loved that phase! We were there a few times a week, so it was kind of like the good ole days going again. Except this time Emma gets to enjoy them from outside the belly! The first bite I gave her was hilarious. She didn't like the cold of it so she made a really funny face. But after a few seconds she smiled and started shaking her head like a crazy person!

Not a happy camper.

After our second park adventure Emma was ready for a nap which worked out because Britt and I were ready to play Harry Potter Sceene it! She just found the newest version that includes all the movies, so we were pretty excited to play. We were both a little rusty on our HP facts, but I ended up pulling out the win...bareley.

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  1. ugh I'm pissed off at you for going to the farmers market and not inviting me. seriously, how rude is that? i thought we were friends...

    congrats on your run!!!