The boys and I were having a friendship fued. I think Croc and Kyle thought I was kidding, but Adam knows me better than that.

To summarize: We used to hang out twice a week, then we took turns being too busy/out of town/other activities, then they started doing things and not inviting me. Basically: my feelings got hurt.

I talked it out with Adam and we are back to BNFL status (best neighbors fo lyfe). So I figured I'd try to schedule some WW time with CK to get us back on track as well. I committed to the plans before they told me that they were going to see The Avengers at 7:15. That's def when I should have pulled my parachute cord...but since I had been giving them a hard time about not hanging out I didn't want to ditch. (Note to future Jes: efff that!). I know I'm probably super lame, but I only want to stay out until 11:30p because I'm always so tired after WWW. Anyway, I invited April and I'm so glad I roped her in but I'm also sorry that she had to suffer the late night.

April and I arrive a little after 10. And guess what? CK are running late. How late? So late that I probably had time to find a Time Turner to go back to that morning and tell myself not to go. They finally show up at 10:40.

Yes. I was less than pleased and it was written all over my face. We danced a few times and at 11:30 April and I said our good byes...when I really wanted to give them the peace flip.

Hopefully we can pull out of this friendship rut and return to what is now referred to as "the glory days when we all got along." haha. But seriously, I just miss hanging out so hopefully we can work a little bit of that back into our lives.

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