Pole 2.2

Jess had given me a pep talk the day before since I was having trouble with the new spins. I think it helped.

We started out our stretching to "Paradise" by Coldplay. I loved that because it had been stuck in my head all day!

We did some floor work: the scorpion, I45 (great name Cierra),and the clam (I may have made up the name, but I'm not sure).

Then onto pole circuits. Cierra debuted her shoes and they were totally cute! They have a pink glittery & rhinestone bow on the toes. And she rocked them!

Progress? I climbed the pole without injuries to my foot! Yay for keeping all of my skin!

We spent a lot of time on the rolly polly and the side winder. I'm getting better, but it's still pretty laughable (or worthy of a few curse words). Tanisha was asking me for help on the spin so she must have thought I was doing a good job...or maybe she just assumed. Luckily I understand what to do, where your hands go, etc, I'm just not good with the execution yet, so I gave her as much advice as I could.

New Spin: The Frogger...which I think might also be the same thing as a front hook. It's easy for my legs to know what they are supposed to do, but it's a little rough on my arms and joint sockets. It's supposed to be done one handed (two hands just feels awkward), but my arms were not giving me a sense of security.

We finally learned the first part of the dance. Within the first couple of bars we get our first taste of improvising. Can I just take a second and mention that I don't like improvising? I'm a routine girl. Can I get a few options, then pick and chose from that, or mix and match? I'm going to have to start taking mental videos of Erica when she's doing her thang (yes, I just said thang) so I will hopefully look...well, not like a disaster.

At the end of class I exchanged numbers with a few of the girls. And with that, I would like to retract my previous statement of how I probably won't make friends in the class, or whatever I had said in my first post of level 1.

I obviously need loads of help still, so I hit up an open pole sesh on Sunday. I love that Erica is always supervising it so I can ask for help when my mind and body are conflicting with what to do. It's crazy to see what the girls in the upper levels are working on. I can't even imagine how I'm going to do inverted things without becoming paralyzed or dying. But hopefully I will.

I am getting better at the rolly polly and side winder...but only on my left side. So I'm almost at a 50% success rate. Yeah, I realize how not impressive that sounds. But I didn't leave and have a cry fest due to my failure after words, so I'll mark that up as a win!

And? I can do the frogger one handed...but only on the right side. Yeah. Erica showed me a pretty cool leg part to add onto the spin that makes me feel super fancy.

Can't wait to see what next Tuesday brings!

And I can't wait to see if she adds in any of my song suggestions. (Boyfriend by J.Biebs anyone?)

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