YOLO - Drizzy Drake

Drake came to Austin back in February. I so so irritated with him that he would come all the way to Texas, but not make a Houston stop. Especially when he claims Houston is like his second home. What the effff?

All was forgiven in March when he announced his full tour that included Houston! I was so psyched and emailed B, Jess, and Steven automatically. B couldn't make it, but J+S were down!

In preparation for the concert I turned all baking times into Drake & Bake. And he finalllllllly released the video to "Take Care," and it's amazing!

Finally concert day was here! It had been so long since our last sister wives date, so I was extra excited. Any by so long, I really mean we had just gone to Olive Garden (gotta keep it real) after our Monday workout.

After work I headed over to The Grove to meet S+J for dinner. Jess' time frame was a bit off, so I was probably there 45min to an hour before they showed up. I really didn't mind the waiting because I had a terrible day so it was nice to just sit there in silence (although I'm sure having them there would have cheered me up even faster). My only complaint is that I was there over 25 min without anyone trying to take my order. I might want to get an appetizer or something! So I finally grabbed the water guy and he tracked me down a waiter. I went ahead and ordered all of our meals and they showed up about 5 min after S+J arrived. Great timing!

Drake had at least 100 people open for him (I was waiting in line to get my concert tee for most of them), but I managed to catch J Cole. I only knew one song, not that impressed...Drake please!

After the longest wait of my life Drake hit the stage! He sounded so good! And I must say we were shocked when he lifted his shirt and was actually pretty cut. I always thought Drake would be pretty soft, so that was a surprise. Actually it was just weird and thought provoking. We probably talked about it for 5min after the concert trying to figure out why his abs were so trim, but his arms didn't look like he lifted more than a mic. Hmmm...

Anyway. The concert was pretty good! The lights were a nice touch and he had good crowd interaction. He played all of my fave songs (except for "Practice") and even some old mix-tape stuff that I had never heard.

But the best part? Watching Steven in full on rapper mode. I'm pretty sure that he knew the words to every song. I didn't even know all of the words to every song when I saw B.Spears, and you know how much I love her!

It was so entertaining to watch. I tried to record it, but he didn't fit in the frame since he was right next to me. I really hope that S changes his career aspirations because I'd love to be in the crew. If anyone can deflate someones ego, it's def me, and he'll probably need that once he gets super successful. S - get to workin on your flows!

I think Jess had a great time...Instagraming pictures of the concert.

Another cool part? The 20 min long shout out portion. He would focus on one area and start calling out people he could see and sometimes he'd say funny stuff. One of my faves was "I love you too. Know that shit."

I would def see Drake again, but I will not be joining S in the front row. I love drake, but only $50 worth.


  1. Those abs must have been airbrushed! :)

    1. Seriously! I love drake, but that fool doesn't look like he would have kind of muscle on him.