There Are Much Worse Games To Play

So true, Katniss.

You know it's going to be a rough day when seven things have already made your list of "Do you know what I hate about today, other than everything?" and it's only 9am. Dios Mio.

After I've worked through some of the issues and emailed B the list so we can both get a laugh (so that I don't hulk out or cry) out of it, I try to make a list of things that are going well or that make me happy. Just like Katniss, it's a game I like to play.

Here are a few of those things:
  • The fake deal email that I typed up. I'm not on the sales team so I'll obviously never have a deal, but the shout outs I came up with are amazingly hilarious!
  • I think of how B throws her head back while saying "Oh my gah girl." when she has something super crazy to tell me. It's the funniest most dramatic build up ever.
  • I'll turn on my ipod - usually something soothing like Jason Mraz, Of Monsters and Men, or Coldplay.
  • I think of a memory that's funny, happy, or both.
  • I go back and read some of my fave blog posts about fun trips, good moments, or just the shananigans I sometimes get myself into.
Sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn't. 60% of the time, it works every time.

So tell me, what calms you down/makes you happy to prevent you from hi-fiving someone in the face?


  1. WINE! Maybe it's just the fact that I can't have it right now, but I loved coming home after a long day and ploppin my ass on the couch with a big girl glass o' wine. Or margaritas, margaritas do the trick too. I'm seeing a pattern here......:)

  2. Haha. I thihnk you might be going through withdraws! I would love it if you posted more pregger pictuers!