Everyone Has Bad Workouts

So I'm having this random back issue for 4 weeks now. Great. I'm going to the chiropractor so it's a work in progress.

I was feeling better and decided to give BodyPump a go. It.was.rough. I had to lower my weight on anything that moved my lower back (squats, cling pres, lunges). I felt like such a little bitch. I discussed with Ryan before hand to see if he thought this was a good idea, and he said it was. He said that no one will notice that I'm doing low weight. I told him he's a liar. 1. I stand in the front. 2. If I saw someone with my body type squatting 10 on each side I would think she's not pushing hard enough. Yeah, I'm terrible I know. But now I won't think such things because that person might be coming out of injury.

Taking this break, and then not coming back full throttle was hard on my fitness self esteem. I know that my body needed a break, but it was still rough. I am a loyal BodyPumper. I'm surprised that my spot doesn't have my feet imprinted in it. I've been there front row center (well, left of center) 2-3 times a week since last August.

I love this class because I leave feeling exhausted but strong. I usually have the craziest smile on my face during squats (they are my fave). And now that the windows are all reflective I get to experience just how crazy my workout faces are. To my pump teachers: you are welcome for giving you something entertaining to watch while you lead the workout!

After this particular class I left feeling down about my workout. Everything felt extra hard and I may have shed a tear during the stretching portion. The worst part is I know I gave it everything I had, and it made me feel weak. I hate feeling weak. I was so beat down that I suggested to Jess that our post pump cardio consist of walking on the treadmill (What? I didn't have my running shoes and I wasn't about to jack up my feet and knees.).

The Point is: Everyone has bad workouts. Maybe you just started working out and it's hard. Or maybe you workout all the time and just had a crap workout. Even freaks like me that look forward to their workouts everyday have bad workouts!

So, what do you do about it?
  • Cry - If you must. I did, but then again I'm known to be overemotional from time to time and hard on myself.
  • Don't stop. Seriously. If you stop now you'll never get back to where you were or make improvements.
  • I remind myself of a time when I did accomplish something and how I can do this too.

How do you overcome bad workouts?


  1. this is so funny, mainly because I'm in the midst of writing a post similar about Pump as well. You listened to your body, and that's much more important than whatever weight you have to drop to - you'll get back to your regular fitness levels soon enough :) <3 just keep pushing forward!

    1. haha. Must be something in the Houston air. Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. Anonymous18.7.12

    Thank you for the encouragement.I just need to keep makin myself get up and working out. I also agree listening to your body is more important.

    1. Keep it up otherwise it'll never get easier!