John Ross [said with a southern draw]

Can we take a quick time out to talk about Dallas?

So the original Dallas ran from 1978-1991. I didn't catch it the first time around...you know, since I was 5 when it ended. But when I heard about the reboot I was super excited!

That's a lie. I was more like "WTF is this? A reboot of a silly Texas show? Great, more Texas stereotypes. Are they kidding me?" No, they weren't kidding me. And? I was over Jesse Metcalfe back when he was playing Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald on Passions. And Josh Henderson? Are you serious? That dbag that dated Ashlee Simpson and Paris Hilton?

I happened across the show when TNT was rerunning the first two epps on a Saturday night. Turns out that it's alright. (I hate when that happens!)

I'm ashamed to say (after a previous statement in this post) that the best part was John Ross...played by none other than Josh Henderson.

He has def gotten better looking with age:





 I bet you want to start watching now too.

So John Ross, I'm sorry that I didn't like the actor that played you. I don't care if you are a dbag on the show and in real life because you sure can wear the hell out of your stereotypical Texas clothes. And your Texas accent isn't that bad...even though I don't sound like that and I'm a born and raised Texan. Damon is still number one in my heart, but you are a very close second.


  1. Anonymous19.7.12

    I think Christopher Ewing is handsome..... played by Jesse metcalfe.

    1. He's attractive, but John Ross has my heart!