I Want Everything, Even If I Don't Want It

Zack, you are welcome for sharing the ultimate secret of how women work.

S+J had invited me to the lake for Memorial day. At first I told them maybe because I'm frightened of the lake. Once I told them that I actually hadn't ever been to the lake it turned from an invite request to a demand.

So here's the deal. When I was little I watched this tv movie called 'The Lake' and I've been scared for life ever since. It included a vortex where you were killed and your clone came out and lived your life or something. I know, totally legit scary stuff, right? I'm sure other random scary things like my overactive (and paranoid) imagination, a show I watched on the history channel about sharks getting in a river stream way back, and some epps of 'Are You Afraid Of The Dark?' have contributed to this fear.

I can't see in the lake, so who really knows what's in there. Nessy could even be hiding in there waiting to attack at any moment!

Sunday night at 8:51p I texted Jess that I would come.

I woke up Monday to run, lift, and drink 8 glasses of water before leaving for the lake. What? I was afraid I'd get dehydrated from the heat.

I showed up at Jess' just in time for family sunscreen time. Yay! It was probably pretty funny watching us all in the bathroom getting lathered up. Then we loaded up the car to meet at Zack's house then head to the lake.

I don't even know what time we finally made it to the lake, but there for a bit I thought that either the plan changed or I was being kidnapped. I don't think I've ever been on so many back country looking roads in my life.

Being on the boat wasn't so bad, but I hadn't committed to actually getting in the water. It was really hot, so I caved and put my leg in. I really did expect a turtle to come up and bite it off. Luckily it didn't.

Everyone took turns lake surfing while I stayed put in the front sun bathing. I knew I would probably have an anxiety attack when I feel and was left waiting 5 sec for the boat to come get me. This was Jess' first time to do the surfing, and after a few tries, she rocked it!

S on the other hand was basically a profesh the way he didn't even need to use the rope. Show off!

We took a swim break, and I caved and got in because my body was over heating and I was sure I was going to die. While swimming I realized just how long it had been since I swam, and it was exhausting. I could barley remember how to do it. The whole time I would either stay right next to Jess or the boat because I was almost positive that Jaws was going to come up and chomp me at any second. And I figured if I'm going down, I'm taking her with me!

Sadly my phone malfunctioned so I only got two pictures.

Turns out the lake isn't so bad, and maybe my fears are a little irrational (only a little though). I promised that next time I would attempt the water sports, even though I'm terrible frightened to do so. And the music was pretty legit. Once 'Promises' and 'Cinema' came on, I knew that Zack was alright...even if he did throw some reggae in there.

We were there for my whole life and finally got to S+J's around 10:30p.When I got inside I headed straight to the fridge to eat some macarons. Right as I took a bite S came in and it was that awkward moment like when you get caught doing something bad. His response, "Are you serious?" Me, "Yes, I worked hard to make these, so I want a few more before they are gone!" Once I got my fix I headed home to get some sleep before the longest short work week of my life!

During the emails with Jess the next day she said this:
"I am so glad you came though---and very proud of you for trying so many new things yesterday, I counted at least FIVE! (1. lake swimming 2. boating 3. uncrustables 4. mike's hard raspberry lemonade 5. snap peas )"
Check me out! I'm living life on the edge now!


  1. You are sooooooo funny! Now maybe you will come to the river house and boat with us too :) It's super fun and just like the lake but long instead of round ;-)

    1. OMG Al, is that was a river is? haha. I'm still paranoid, but not as bad as before.

  2. ok I have seen "The Lake" too and I can tell you that you are totally justified in your feeling of being scared to go out. That movie is FREAKY! Just found your blog and I love it! Is there a way to follow via GFC? I don't see a button...


  3. I love reliving our life through your words, especially when I haven't seen you in 9 f-ing days. I personally loved when you said "because I want everything, even when I don't really want it"!

    1. I think there are def times when this could be called "The Wonderful Life of JesJes: The Adventures of Sister Wives."

      Seriously! I looked like a puppy in a pet shop window at the gym yesterday. Everytime a car drove into the lot I would get excited and look around for you.