Pole 2.5

I got my back adjusted last week, so that really helped me in the flexibility department!

We didn't learn anything new on the floor. Instead we spent extra time on the back roll because some of the girls were having trouble. Honey decided to show off (per the usual) and busted out the back roll into the splits. I gave it a shot, and it went pretty well! I can do it, it's just not as fluid as it should be...yet.

During open pole Erica climbed and used 3 dismounts on the way down. I feel like I inspired her! Of course hers actually looked good. So you know I gave that a shot. It was quite the challenge because my spanks got in the way so I slid too fast and had to re climb (kinda exhausting), but she applauded my effort.

New spin! The Parachute.

When I first saw this I really didn't think my body would be having it. But I did pretty decent my first try. We learned 3 variations: both legs bent behind, one leg straight, both legs straight.

Both legs straight is really hard because you have to pull up so much with your back and glutes. I was really surprised when I actually did it. All of my bodypumping and pole is finally paying off in the strength department.

We were spinning so much that my pole was heating up where I put my hands. It's not that it burns from the heat, but when it's warm my hands don't glide around it as well.

More dance and improvising. My fave. No, actually I'd love to pass on that. I wonder if my free style can involve me climbing the pole and just sitting in front of the ac duct?

By the end of class I was beat and my hands hurt. My wrist marks are getting darker (that's attractive), and my fingers were starting to get blisters on the pads. Ouch!

All of the classes have been rough this level, but I'm enjoying the challenge!

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