"Are We Getting Kidnapped Or What?"

On our way home, the boys started talking about going to Aaron's to play pool. I love to play pool, but figured I'd let B decided for us. I was honestly shocked when she said "Ok" because it was wayyy past BJ House bedtime. So We headed to the heights to play some rounds.

Here's some of the things that may or may not have come out of my mouth during the ride:
  • Are we getting kidnapped or what?
  • I checked us in on facebook so my mom knows where I am if anything happens.
  • I'm going to text my dad your descriptions just in case you try anything funny.
  • I will not hesitate to break a bottle and stab you in the neck for self defense.
  • Are you going to roofie me? I'm not going to take any drink or food if you offer.
And I'm sure there were many others. I know. I'm such a peach. I don't know if they took me seriously or not, but I was mostly kidding.

Here's the deal. This was the first time I'd met these boys, and I know B had met Aaron a time or two before. But just because they are Brian's friends doesn't mean much. Brian is one of the nicest people ever and basically will turn everyone he meets into his friend (obviously if I didn't feel safe then we would have taken a cab home, duh). The next day I was asking B how he knew these guys and it turns out they had been friends for years and through context clues we concluded that they probably know each other from high school. And I obviously survived to tell about it, so it was fine.

We played two rounds of pool. I did pretty decent at first (I can't even remember the last time I played), but B & Aaron won. But the next round we dominated. I may have trash talked, and B would just laugh and say how funny and competitive I am. At least she knows!

After the second game everyone loaded up and Aaron took us home.

The next morning B and I went to freebirds for an early lunch (best recovery meal ever). It was a great time...until B saw a rat. She literally saw this rat jump from the floor to the table to the top of the deconstructed brick wall. I only noticed once I saw him scurry across the top of the brick. That thing was huge! We promptly left and I don't think I'll be visiting that particular location anytime soon. ick.

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