Friends Forever with BriBri

After I got hired with my current company B took me to lunch with them. Brian was the first (and possibly only) person that introduced himself to me (I did already know about half of the people I was going to work with). He is just so nice. And once I started work he would always stop by to chat on his way to and from the bathroom ( I sit in the front, so everyone passes me). But our friendship became solidified during our AGM trip to NYC. He is just so crazy. We ended up wondering around the city for the first half of the day (most everyone else was at the basketball game or shopping), then met up with the coworkers at The Ainsworth. He's always looking out for me when we go out and makes sure I don't get kidnapped.

No, this isn't a love story. BriBri is more like an older brother and dating one of my friends.


I was looking for friendship redemption since I had missed Brian's birthday because of personal stuff. We had plans to go out and Bri said that if I didn't come then he might friend dump me, so B & I pulled ourselves together and got a taxi (after we called to replace the first taxi that didn't show up) and got to midtown around 11.

When we got there Bri was a little wobbly and was having some trouble keeping his eyes open. I made sure to get a pic with him so I could prove I was there because I had little faith that he would remember the next day. It was so good to see him for about 15 min before he called it a night and got walked home. It's been so long that I'm pretty sure he doesn't remember my real name and only refers to me as Stripper. I actually find it funny, so I don't mind.

Well, the show must go on because B and I just got there. So we headed over to Shot Bar with Brian's friends. The line was hella long and we didn't have connections there so we hit up Red Door next because I just wanna dance! Well....everyone got in except one of the boys because he wore shorts. Armature move. We had a drink then relocated to Wonder Bar so everyone could participate in the fun. 

B and I were dancing and some rando came in the door and started dancing on us. I had really missed B the enforcer, so I was glad she showed up. She popped her little elbow up then extended her arm to move him out of the way and gave him the head shake. #mommabearclaw. He came back over a few min later and said "I told my friends y'all don't want to dance. It's done." Errrr....ok. 

We took the dance party to the next level once Taffy & Jenna showed up! 
Taffy, B, Jenna, & Me (B's Photo)

Around closing time we all headed over to Brian's. He just loved getting woken up. At least I was kind and played the big spoon instead of just jumping on him like a few of the others did. He seemed confused. 

Once he seemed a little irritated, we left. Aaron (Brian's friend) offered to take us home but the adventure didn't stop there. 


  1. HA! I was hoping for a love story when I got to that part saying it wasn't! DARN! But good guy friends are awesome!

  2. haha. I thought my description sounded like I might be falling in love so I had to clarify! When I have a solid love story, I'll def share!