Feels Like Home

I texted Brittany to see if I could join in on the family activities for the rest of Saturday, and of course she said I was welcome.

I forgot to tell her I was on my way when I responded to her last text. I showed up, knocked twice, and let myself in. The house was quiet and the lights were off. I double checked that both cars were in the driveway and just figured that they were taking a nap because she had said that Emma was. My plan was to just chill on the couch until they got up. About a min after I got inside she texted asking when I was going to be there and if an early dinner was ok. haha. I responded to let her know that 5p freebirds sounded great...and that I was actually on their couch. I'm a creeper.

Once Emma woke up we headed to the mall to look at running shoes for Cole. I ended up finding tons of great things: Nike workout tops, two bracelets, some casual tees, and a black maxi skirt! Brittany and Cole ended up leaving empty handed. How did this happen?

Emma was getting fussy, but a Freebirds taco seemed to be just want she needed. Cole treated us to snow cones on the way home. Oh the perks of living in the burbs.

Emma & Cole

Brittany & Emma
We spent the evening playing with Emma until her bedtime. Then we busted out a few rounds of Skip-Bo. Skip-Bo and HP Scene It? are the most played games when I'm there. I love them both.

We also got Brit signed up for The Color Run! Now that she's started running again I'm going to start bringing my running shoes with me so we can log some laps at the track together! I'm really excited about that!

We ended the evening watching SNL and YouTube videos. And they let me stay the night in my old room.

I had a really great time, as always. I love being over there because it feels like a second home. The circumstances that had me move in were not ideal, but because of that it makes their home feel like a safe haven. I remember those days when I felt like I couldn't breathe, but then I'd get home and just being around Brittany made me feel a little bit better again. So now when I go to visit, it has the same effect. It makes it feel like nothing else that's going on matters...much like when I go to my family home to visit. I am so thankful that Cole & Brittany took me in and still let me hang out pretty regularly.


  1. What lovely folks!

    Skip Bo IS fun!!!!

    1. Skib Bo and Phase 10 are my fave card games to play

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    1. Thanks girl! I'll def check yours out!