Can I Make A Birthday Request?

When I moved to Houston my plan was to go home at least twice a year: Christmas, and sometime in the summer. I figured seeing my family twice a year would be adequate, and the costs of flights have really gone up. Just 3 years ago I could fly from Lubbock to Houston for $200...now I can't manage to get anything under $350. WTF? Seriously, I'm only flying across Texas. And two of my New York flights have been less than that! Yeah, so I'm stubborn and try to avoid spending that much when going into the land of almost non-existent small towns. Come on, there's not really even anything cool there! Well, aside from my family and Donut Stop.

This year I decided to skip my summer trip and just go home at Christmas. I know it's terrible, but since Andrew died I don't like going back. And since never going back clearly isn't an option, I was just going to stick with the major holiday.

Great plan in theory....until I learned that it's time to go home when some or all of the following things are happening:
  • I am watching New Moon once a week if not more.
  • I start only listening to that soundtrack or other debbie downer songs.
  • I call my mom crying at least once every day for more than a week (Thanks for still answering and calling me back!)
  • I don't want to leave my apartment/bedroom ever. (But force myself to the gym in hopes of releasing some endorphins).
So since I'm a little broken hearted and homesick, I figured it was time to raise the white flag. In the past when I got homesick I wouldn't go because I fear that I'll get there and never want to leave. And as much fun as I really would have retiring and living with my grandma baking, cooking, and making s'mores...I feel that's not a good plan in the long run. But since this was more about matters of the heart, I figured I wouldn't be at too much of a risk of staying forever.

So I called up my Dad and made a bday request. It went something like this:
Me: My dearest Daddy, how have you been?
Father: Good my sweet darling Jes.
Me: I'm ever so pleased to hear. I miss you oh so much and would love if you would be so generous as to give me a birthday gift of coming home.
Father: Why of course my sweet girl.
Ok, we don't really talk like that. But basically I called up Dad and requested that my bday present be a flight home, he said the only stipulation is that I see him when I'm there. Duh, Dad. Duh. Done deal!

How could he say no? Especially after he gave me this picture and frame for Christmas. He knows what's up.

There are perks to not going home but once a year: your family seems to love you even more and wants to do whatever you want when you get there.

For example: I called Grandma to make sure her and Papa could pick me up from the airport since Mom will already be back at school. Once she agreed I asked if we could then immediately hit up donut stop so I can eat my weight in donut hole and cherry donut goodness! She said that's fine, but that Papa might not want to do that. She was kidding because Papa loves donuts, but just for good measure I told her that she might have to leave him behind.

Then she said that we should have a cookout and roast hot dogs, marshmallows, make s'mores, and would I like some homemade ice cream?

Why yes, yes I would.

I think my Grandma's plan to get me to stay forever is to 1. Make me so fat that I can't move, or 2.Hypnotize me with my fave treats.

I can't wait to go home to see my family and Donut Stop.

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