I Made The Front Row My Bitch

My back had been feeling like a normal functioning back for about two weeks so I've been easing it into exercise to make sure its good to go.

I had already been doing upper body weights, so it was time to start trying other things out.

First up: BodyJam. I didn't realize how much I had missed Jam until I took it. During my absence James and Stacy were added to the teaching lineup. I'd creeped on their class through the glass, so I was super stoked to finally get to participate. I would def have to say that Quality Life Fitness has the best Jam instructors of all time (all time). Actually, they have the best instructors for all of the classes.

Since that went well I added in lower body lifts. I could feel it working my lower back so I was really nervous of how that would feel the next day. Luckily the only pain I was suffering from was muscle soreness from not working my body out in that way in about two months. But the back felt good. success!

When Saturday came around I knew it was time to try out my one true gym love, Body Pump. After I got amped up on endorphins during Jam, I reclaimed my rightful spot on the front row for Pump led by Taylor. I went light on a few things that incorporated my back...just in case it decided to fall apart. Aside from it just being rough after missing so many sessions, it was also a success!
The funeral is back on!
I felt so exhausted but more satisfied than I'd felt in a long time with my workout. It's so great to no longer be limited in what I can and can't do because of injury.

And soon I will be tackling my last obstacle: the pole. Honey said she'd love to help me catch up so maybe I can jump back in with the group for level 4 since I was only able to attend level 3 once. My body feels scared.


  1. YOU GO GIRL!! You make me want to put my workout clothes on and head to the gym right now. xo

    1. Thanks! I'm sure you are getting a great workout with all of your dancing. I'm kinda of jealous that I'm not a ballerina like you!

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