Awesome & Awkward Friday

Why are the weeks leading up to a holiday always the longest? I swear time started to reverse a few times.

As always, linking up with From My Grey Desk and The Bargain Blonde to share my fave 5 awesome & awkward moments from the week.

  • Bonus BodyJam on Monday! I love to dance, so this was an extra bonus to the start of my week.
  • Remember how I bought Vampire Diaries season 1 and 2 a few weeks ago? I busted open season 1 and have been indulging in it all week. Delicious!

  • Made Reese's peanut butter blossoms:
  • B finally watched Hunger Games and liked it. Now if only I could get her to read the books so that she'll understand all of this and this.
  • This song:

  • The hurricane shouldn't mess with Houston at all, but B figured we should have a backup/survival plan. That plan? water, tuna packs, cookies, board games, Harry Potter story time, and we'll have our wands ready. Bring it!
  • I had to call Marshall three days in a row before he finally answered. I don't understand why he wouldn't have been more eager to call me back when I'm always giving him advice on why he should study hard and try to avoid student loans, going to college, why drugs and underage drinking are bad, and why you should never date a slutty girl. Those are very important things to know!
  • This week I had two searches land on my blog for "idk my bff jess brother andrew obituary." If you were actually able to find it, then you are a google genius because I can't even google and get it to come up when I have the last name and date. Anyway....whoever you are, you can find it here.
  • I cried during the season finale of The Secret Life of The American Teenager. It was a rather heart wrenching scene, so I'm not ashamed that I have emotions. I'm more so ashamed that I watch this show and that I love it (and this is coming from an unapologetic Bieber lover). Most of the time it is pretty redic, but it has really improved since the first season. I swear each epp you could have a drinking game based on whatever the buzz word is. Last episode would have been 'pimp.' I would have been blacked out by the end.
  • This was probably the most shocking ep of PLL ever which was awesome. But this made it to the awkward category based on how loud I screamed and then how I felt like I couldn't trust anyone after this happened:
Photo from @keeoone
And I was like:

Can you relate? What was one awesome & awkward moment from your week? Any plans for the holiday weekend?


  1. i am in love with vampire diaries too!

    Happy Friday! Stop by and say hello :)

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one! I'm just wrapping up my marathon of season two! I can't wait for October!