Awesome & Awkward Friday

I love short weeks!

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  • Spent Labor Day in the burbs with Brittany & Emma doing some of my fave things such as watching Harry Potter and playing Harry Potter Scene It?
Just playin in the tunnel
  • Blue Bell chocolate chip is my fave ice cream flavor. And for some reason that I can't explain, it's one of their seasonal flavors and only available during the fall...well, it's back! I hope to pick some up this weekend.
  • Oh.My.Gah!!!!! The Challenge is back this month with Battle of the Seasons. This is def one of my fave shows. I was checking out the lineup and was a little disappointed because I don't really watch the Real World so I don't know most of the players! I miss my old challenge veterans! I'm super sad that Kenny, Evan, and CT aren't on it. At least I still have Wes!

  • The best part of the VMAs?

  • The gym switched up the schedule this month and there was a mix up with the Tuesday BodyPump instructor...so we sat there for a good 10 min while Amanda tried to get it sorted out before telling us class was canceled. I voted for another hour of BodyJam, but I don't think she was all about it. 
  • You know how I love Blue Bell chocolate chip? I saw it at the store last weekend, and it totally caught me off guard because I can't usually find it until November. Anyway, when I saw it I gasped as dramatically as Elena did when she woke up and started her transition during VD season 3 final epp.
  • The VMAs is one of my fave award shows. This year I was thoroughly unimpressed and a little bored.
  • Justin Bieber didn't even win an award. How does that even happen?
  • Ran my face into a glass revolving door. Revolving doors - 3, Jessica - 0.
Is anyone else excited about The Challenge or Twilight? 
Love or hate the VMAs this year?
Tell me one Awesome & Awkward thing from your week!


  1. I used to have a sliding glass door out that led out to my back patio in college and my husband (then boyfriend) and I were sitting outside talking one night and I had to go inside to get more wine (obvs) and walked straight into the closed glass door. I thought it was open. It was a huge fail.

    1. Oh my goodness! Isn't that the worst. It's so embarassing when stuff like this happens, but I always hope that someone will see so they'll get a laugh out of like I do (even if I did bust the inside of my lip).

  2. i love chocolate chip ice cream!! well...any ice cream in general,,,,but definitely chocolate chip!

    happy friday!!

    xoxo, sarah grace

    1. I finally went and picked some up Friday night. Soooo good! I ended up finishing off the container by Sunday evening. This is why I don't usually buy ice cream to take home.

  3. I loveee chocolate chip ice cream! And those smores bars look insane!!! Hope you're having a great weekend! xo

    1. They were so good! I'm all about the s'mores right now!