Funfetti Chex Mix

Months ago Bennida requested that I make Funfetti Chex Mix. I delayed it because it just didn't sound appetizing.

I was wrong. (This is rare.) It's amazing!

Do you know what I love most about this? How simple it is!

Funfetti Chex Mix
6 cups Chex
8 bricks White Chocolate Bark
2c Funfetti cake mix
1 Large brown paper bag

  1. Pour Chex into brown paper bag.
  2. Melt chocolate (follow directions on package, or do 45sec intervals stirring in between them)
  3. Pour Chocolate onto Chex. Close the top (fold it over a few times), and shake your heart out!
  4. Once the chex is coated, add in the cake mix, seal the bag, and shake it like Shakira!
  5. Pour the bag onto a cookie sheet to dry (unless you want it to be one big clump).
  6. Enjoy!
Feel free to add extra sprinkles into the cake mix! I had eaten used all of mine and didn't think to grab more at the store.

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