Awesome & Awkward Friday

Solid week for the books. There were highs, there were lows, but I have made it out alive!

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Warning: I get a little obsessive about things...so don't be surprised if I reference Vampire Diaries more than usual. 

  • I made s'mores cupcakes. I need to mess around with the recipe a little bit more...but they were pretty!

  • Finally booked my Christmas flight home. Now time to start coordinating donut and dinner dates with my best ladies!
Kara & Me last Christmas
  • I finally gave my blog a makeover. I figured that after 3 years it deserved it. It needs a few tweaks, but I'll worry about that later.
  • We might have a Halloween themed jam on Oct 30 (we don't jam on Wednesdays)! This would help to consul my broken heart if I"m not at the Bieb's concert.
  • I might have found Florence + The Machine tickets that are not outrageously priced! fingers crossed.

  • The amounts of Vampire Diaries I have consumed these past few weeks. I have watched seasons 1-3. This being the third time I've watched all of season three since it wrapped up last May. (side note: after watching all eps so close together I realized why I like Damon best. Damon is always doing what ever it takes to save Elena even if it is forcing her to drink his blood and risk being turned just so he won't lose her (I believe that was season 2). While Stefan loves Elena, his focus is more on doing whatever it takes to beat the opposing team.)
Damon FTW!
  • I have met two people that looked like very much like Stefan (except his head was buzzed) and Jeremy. This makes me think of the Buffy episode where she wakes up in a mental institution and they try to convince her that she keeps trying to live in an alternate world where she is a slayer...I'm starting to get a little worried. xoxo, Elena. (kidding, I know I'm Jessica).
  • Mom: "What are you doing tonight (Friday)? Watching more Vampire Diaries?" 1. I might need to rev up my social life again. 2. I was actually on the way to hang out with Sarah, so no...and watching TVD wasn't even my backup plan that night.

  • The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons. What the effff?!?! They totally tricked me. TJ was all "surprise we have another team that's not from real world." And I was all "OMG. It has to be fresh meat." Then TJ confirmed "Meet team fresh meat." I screamed out of excitement because surely they would only bring the best of the best of fresh meat, you know Kenny and Evan. Yeah, totally not them. It was Eric, Brandon, Cara Maria, and Camilla. And you know what else? Wes got eliminated. My heart broke. It's awkward how invested I am in this show.
I love you, Wes.
  • The amount of times I've read this series. Here we go again!

Do you watch The Challenge? Who is your fave?
What was one Awesome & Awkward thing from your week?


  1. Smores cupcakes...yum! That sounds like the most perfect combo ever!

    1. I'm def on a s'mores kick over here!

  2. those cupcakes look delicious!

    New follower! Have a wonderful weekend! Drop by nichollvincent.blogspot and say hi!

    1. I may have ended up eatting just the roasted marshmallow off of a few.

  3. Yay for more donut dates!!!! I'm coming home for thanksgiving too!!!!!!

    1. yeah...I booked my Christmas flight because I'm not coming home for Thanksgiving...