MRAZ Is A Four Letter Word

I really like Jason Mraz. Ever since 'The Remedy' and 'Did you get my message.'

Last year I went to my first Jason Mraz concert in DC. Oh, none of that sounds familiar? Yeah, it's because that weekend has been dubed a DC Disaster. It was so bad that I couldn't even be bothered to share the few good moments. I'm talking so bad that when I woke up Sunday morning I kept forcing sleep in hopes that I would magicaly wake up in Houston. No dice. Lesson learned: always travel with your HP wand in case you need to do some magic.

But I did get to see this guy!

For that concert Colbie Callait opened. I love Colbie. I def own all of her albums, and I love them. She was more amazing in person than I ever could have imagined. Such a simple show, but still so powerful! That's about all I clearly remember from that night.

So when Jason announced this Love is a Four Letter Word tour I had my fingers crossed that Colbie would be on board again. Nope, it was Christina Perry instead. She's good, I have the album (even though I haven't listened to the whole thing yet), but I really wanted more CoCo in my life!

B and I made the road trip out to the Woodland Pavillions and had a disaster of a time getting through the merchandise line (ended up not getting anything) and deciding on which food vendor we wanted. I think we were both a little sleep deprived.

We squeezed into a nice spot at the front of the general admission hill. We missed Christina's first few songs, but got to see her perform about 5. She sounded really good! The young girl sitting infront of us (Did I just become old?) was marking a dance to one of the songs. It was so funny! It seemed like it was a ballet dance. I wish she would have stood up and done the whole thing! That would have been good.

After her set she had a meet and greet with about 50 people. We weren't in that group, but the girl sitting infront of us was. When she came back with her signed album, she told her mom about how Christina remembered her. It was the sweetest thing ever!

Finally it was Jason time!

He sounds so good live. He's quite odd, but I love it! He told us a few stories between songs, and I wish I would have written them down sooner because I am drawing a blank. Did anyone catch his episode of Storytellers on Vh1? I watched it 3 times. so good!

Anyway, he played a lot of the new songs, and some of his previous singles. My fave song is '1000 Things.' I wasn't surprised that it didn't make the set list, but I was still a little bumbed.

This was such a feel good - chill out concert. I will def see Jason again!


  1. I had tickets to the gorge and to see him FREEE....why didn't you just come????! See what you miss??!

    1. errmmmm....because you didn't tell me until just now!