Awesome & Awkward Friday

This week had far more awkward moments than the usual. Thank you mom for talking to me at least once every day...sometimes twice.

Linking up with From My Grey Desk to share my fave 5 awesome & awkward moments from the week.

  • I was super stoked to share that I had finally gotten a ticket to see Justin Bieber when he comes to Houston next month...
  • New Girl is back on! The best part? I got to watch it with Jess+Steven. I hadn't seen S in far too long, and I kinda missed him. So I'm glad Jess invited me over.

  • Tuesday night bodyjam! Amanda did one of our (me+Jess) favorites! We got to dance to Chris Brown, B.Spears, and we took it to Paris! She even let me request the jam for next Tuesday! I love doing these throwbacks (or rewinds as Jess calls them).
  • Jess and I with our matching gym outfits on Tuesday. I should have gotten a pictures because it was super adorbs with our black tights & dark grey shirt.
  • Last Friday Mom called me to see if I had Harry Potter glasses because she found some and thought I might like an additional costume option for halloween. She gets me.
  • About that concert ticket...I won it on ebay Sunday night. Literally ran and jumped around my apartment, did a celebration dance, and screamed like a school girl. THEN Monday night I got an email that my money was being refunded. ummm...wtf? An hour later the seller emailed to tell me that her daughter had already sold the ticket and didn't tell her so she hopes that I understand that this is a misunderstanding. Oh, I understand, just like I hope she understands the negative feedback she will be getting once my money is showing up in my account.
  • Tuesdays there is bodyjam after pump. I don't go because I attend the Monday class and am usually pretty sore on Tuesday. Well this week only one person showed up to pump and Jess and I were watching her one-on-one sesh with Ryan while we chatted. Ryan noticed, and waved at us to join. I didn't even respond and just darted away.
  • This is a pre-awkward moment. But Ashley told me that when we start spin class next week that she's not going to turn on the fan so that it'll be extra hard. I'm pretty sure I'm going to drowned in my sweat or just pass out. That's going to be a good time fo sho.
  • The new bruises from pole. As I was putting lotion on it was painful when i touched behind my right knee. I thought that was odd...until I saw the markings and remembered I had pole the night before. It didn't hurt when it happened in class so I was a little surprised by it.
  • When I woke up Wednesday I thought it was Saturday. Thursday I thought it was Friday. What the heck body?!?
How was your week? Tell me something awesome & awkward!

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  1. that's a bummer about the tickets. hope you can find another one somewhere!

    happy friday!

    xo, sarah grace