BodyJam Party For One

I woke up bright and early Friday. I sat in the kitchen munching on Cap'n Crunch while waiting for the sun to come up and just enjoyed being at Grandma's. I know it's just a house, but I've been coming to this house for 26 years. I look around at the antiques and pictures and think of all the memories I've had here. All holidays with the family and the games I would play with Andrew, Marshall, Justin, and Joanna. I took a few pictures because I don't want to ever forget how everything looked.
Baby Marsh through the years.
Who ever would have thought I was an entrepreneur as a kid. 
Dinner Bell
Love the kitchen antiques.
Like A Boss
Since the weather was good (no humidity!) I decided to go for a run despite my fear of stray dogs attacking me (this happened once in Canyon. He was coming so fast for me, I screamed for help, and after a few blocks I guess he reached his limit because he stopped. I was probably running faster than SR when I was trying to get away!). I waited in the front yard for Garmin to pick up the satellites before I took off. It always takes forever when I go home, so I decided to do some BodyJam to warm up. I hope Grandma wasn't too embarrassed to have a dancing fool in her front yard.

After a mini run I stopped at the park to play on the swings for a bit. I didn't feel like I had gotten in enough of a workout, so when I got back I turned on my music and did BodyJam in the foyer. I explained to Grandma that it looks way cooler when the instructors do it.

For me, it's party time all the time! source
JoJo came by for lunch and we discussed the cookout that we would be having the following night. So excited!

The afternoon was pretty chill. I just hung out with grandma, read food magazines, drank hot chocolate, and took a nap.

When Dad got off of work I called him up and invited myself to tag along for the evening.

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