Just Like Middle School

Our insurance rep was in town so he was kind enough to pay for lunch since he was holding a meeting with us from 12-1. Well...he got lost and was about 40 min late.

This was awesome because most of my coworkers ate lunch in the conference room while we waited for him, and it was one of the few times that we've all been together just kind of hanging out since our office has expanded. It felt like lunch time in middle school. I had ordered in Jason's Deli boxes so once everyone opened them up we started trying to trade desserts, I bargained for extra mustard, Laura tried to collect as many lettuce and tomatoes she could get, and Bob was happy with the extra cheese he acquired.

I can honestly say that my coworkers are the best. We probably have more fun at work than should be legal. Anyway, he finally found the office and the info session was really good. I learned so much about my benefits....seriously.


  • I need the tetanus shot because Jessica won't stop biting me. - Thanks for fueling those rumors B. Once again I would like to point out that we live in separate bedrooms.
  • "I'm on my parent's insurance you ass holes."
  • But my parents said they'd be charged $500 extra if I stayed on their insurance since I graduated college. - ummm...I think they might be lying to you and just don't love you.
  • "This might be a stupid question." "There's no such thing." Challenge accepted.
  • *mental health *drug/alcohol detox
  • We can get 50% off a new set of legs!
  • "Wait, why are your knees bruised." "because I'm on them a lot....doing push ups, duh!"
  • "Is this a good one to say that's what she said?"
  • HR calls roll play with B

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