The Celebration Of Me

So the birthday.

I considered doing this as a throwback post and having my mom share my birth story...but figured that was a little ott.

On my bday I'm very adamant about doing everything that I love...like I do most days. I don't make people join in, it's more of a day date/anniversary with myself. But this day, being the anniversary of my birth, does have extra perks!

B started out the day great when she gave me the best Twilight bday card ever!

I made one of my fave things for breakfast - cinnamon toast. I don't have this often because let's be honest, it's terrible for you. But every now and then I like to indulge.

Next up? work. Ok, so this isn't like my fave thing to do, and I would have had a lot of fun taking the day off and hanging with Brittany & Emma (and maybe even Kari and Abby if she was off), but figured I'd much rather show up and share my birthday bliss in the form of cupcakes with my coworkers.

So I brought these:

I'm totally the best, right?

My Mom, Sam, & Marshall sent me a delicious chocolate covered strawberry edible arrangement with some balloons. How sweet! And it was soo good! After eating close to 10 strawberries, I shared it with my coworkers.

Then I got the most delicious smelling flowers from Grandma & Papa. They were so pretty and the scent filled the room. They must have have been genetically altered by the Capitol because they smelt unlike any that I'd ever had before.

My birthday was on a Thursday so I opted to move my celebration to Saturday (Croc's bday festivities were scheduled for Friday).

So I continued on with my "I do what I want" plan and hit up the gym after work for some BodyJam! This was also my one year anniversary of attending Quality Life Fitness, so I really couldn't have it any other way!

After a sweat sesh I picked up RA Sushi on my way home. They have the best vegetable tempura roll and pineapple cream cheese wantons. I.die.
I talked to my family and watched the latest episode of Dallas.

Not a bad birthday! But I def can't wait for the dancing that will ensure on Saturday!

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