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It really didn't get that wild. I must be maturing with age or something.
So we celebrated my 26th year.

Before my Saturday gym time (and new release day!!!) I met up with Laura at the Farmer's Market and she bought me birthday macaroons! They had some new flavors that were pretty good: Poppy and Orange Burst. yumm! I ended up going back for seconds.

Since I was properly fueled (I seriously need to not eat macaroons before I work out), I hit up new release day. When I got home from the gym I quickly rinsed off and changed so I could meet Kari, R, and Abbers for a late lunch in Katy. I hadn't seen them in a while, so it was really good to catch up. Abby speaks Spanish & English, and was talking so much! It was so cute. I think a highlight was everyone singing the Veggie Tales song with Abby. After lunch I headed home and took a nap. I was super tired from staying out late the night before and getting up early for the Farmer's Market and new release at the gym. I was starting to get cranky and was considering not showing up to my celebrations with the girls that night.

After forcing myself out of bed, I hopped in the shower and got ready to some of my favorite dance songs. Rihanna, David Guetta, and Benny Benassi always know how to cheer me up!
I had dinner with B, Taffan, and McCall at Gloria's. It replaced Ruby Tequila's in midtown...but never in my heart! The chicken quesadillas were good, but I wasn't feeling the chips. I would eat there again, but not at my own suggestion. The girls told the waiter it was my bday and asked if they sang. They don't, but she brought me flan. Flan! This was actually the first time I'd tried it, and I didn't love it. No one did really. So I messed with it to make it look like we ate it. Did anyone else ever do that when they were younger? So the bill came and they tried to charge us for the flan. Ummm...we didn't order this, you just brought it over! And if we were going to get charged then we would have ordered something good! The girls got it sorted with the waitress and it was taken off. Sweet! (because that flan sure wasn't.)

concentrating hard on my wish. Does it make it more likely to come true it you wish it every time?

First stop: Shot Bar! We were there so early that they had the house lights on. It was weird. We had some shots that were sugary sweet, a mini dance party, then headed out to Wonderbar.

Taff, B, McCall, Me

Wonderbar was also a little empty when we got there since it was about 10. But the music was so good! More drinks, lots of dancing. There were some rando guys taking pictures of us when we were dancing. B took care of that. How creepy? We are pretty cool, but not stalker warranting cool.
No, the creepers didn't take this picture.
I decided to stop drinking at the second bar because I wanted to make sure I'd be good to go for BodyFlow in the morning. But the dance party continued.

Me & McCall
We ended the night at Red Door. This is usually my fave place to go dancing, but their music selection just wasn't doing it for me. I haven't been in months, so I'm either behind the times or we just grew apart.

Me & Taffan

26 was a decent year...but I think the next will be even better!

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