Gym Christmas

New Release day is like gym Christmas.

Quality Life Fitness uses Les Mills programs for all of their group fitness classes. Every quarter there is a new release = new routines & music.

The week before the new release at Jam, Katie told us about how we would never have to do 60 ever again. I was heartbroken. Yeah, I missed the first two months because of the janky back, but I would sometimes watch for a sec from the window because the music was so good and the dance moves weren't too bad either. So when I finally got to participate I had the craziest smile on my face. It was all the fun I had hopped it would be! except for the horsey bounce. WTF was that? I loved that release so much that I downloaded the songs and listen to them a few times a day. It gets me going in the morning, and I even bust out some of the dance moves. I just don't get why everyone is so over it. It's def my fave release so far! #2 is the jungle, and #3 is the one with 'Till the world ends.'

Anyway, I scheduled my bday celebrations for Saturday night so I wouldn't risk having a drink too many the night before release day.There's always so much more excitement on this day. The instructors and gym goers are all excited to learn something new! We have a lot of new people trying it out. Plus the gym sets out complimentary protein bars and cold water bottles. 

I'm always excited but scared. What if I hate all of the pump tracks? Then how I am going to stay motivated? Ok, I'd still come it just wouldn't be a gym party every time. And what if I don't like the jam dances? Please don't let it all be Latin dance!

Turns out, everything was awesome!

Lauren even met up with me so she could drink the Quality Life Fitness kool-aid, and I think she approved!

First up: Jam.

Oh, and we did! (source)
 Brian handed out lights to put on our fingers. This was something new, but I'm down. I've been waiting for this day because it's the official return of Amanda! Amanda was my first Jam instructor and we were together a few months before I had anyone else, so she'll always hold a special place in my heart. But I do also love Katie, Stacy, James, and Christina. We seriously have the best instructors ever. Overall, the dance and music was awesome! They had Booty Work, Promises, and Take Care. I.die. I'm not saying I'm good at the dance, because I'm not and actually am going to see if they can go over a piece of the footwork because I'm a smidge off the beat...but I loved it (yeah, totally spent all weekend envisioning that step so I would have it figured out by the next Jam class). Oh, and Brian finally got the smoke machine going! It was like the being at the club, but better because I was in clothes that I don't mind sweating through!

After the hour long dance party we pumped.

Brian, Ryan, and Corina (I'm not sure if that's really her name because this is the first time she's taught) lead the class. My back was feeling like a normal back, so I stayed for class but still kept some of my weight low. It was such a good time! I love Brian & Ryan (sorry Cor, I don't know you yet, but I like you so far!) so it was cool to get them in one class! The tracks were strong and hard and the music was good (except for the Adel track. What's up with that?). They had some throwback Evanescence that made me think "why would they chose this?" but it actually went with the back track perfectly. Well played Les Mills, well played. An added bonus? Chris was there! Who is Chris? Good question. I don't really know, other than he's the boy that is almost always to my left on the front row during Pump Class for many many months. I talk to him occasionally, but the main thing is that I'm use to him always being there, and I like consistency. Like how Jess is always on my right. It really bugs me when she's not there and a stranger takes her place. I think everyone might realize that because no one usually dares to take her place when she isn't there. But I let Lauren use it this day.

Overall, I'll give this release day a 10 out of 10. I loved everything about it. It was so good to get to spend my Saturday morning doing one of my fave things and getting to have all of my instructors there!

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