Awesome & Awkward Friday

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  • Mom sent me a text that started with "Omgosh girl." I immediately emailed Stacy "omgg! My mom just texted me Omgosh girl." There for a sec I thought maybe someone hijacked her phone!
  • New kicks

  • Amanda turning up some B.Spears so Jess and I could break into choreographed dance for her. 
  • I made this and didn't eat it for breakfast despite how early I instagramed it. I seriously had multi-grain cheerios with skim milk for breakfast:

  • TVD, duh.

  • Snot rockets after a bug flew up my nose. The whole situation was bad. Between this and the bug that got in my eye during my run a few weeks ago? I am officially not down with nature.
  • The amount of times I said how excited I was for TVD this week.
  • The location of my pole burn after this weeks class.
  • My physical therapist said that I shouldn't be doing squats until my glute is healed...so Taylor had me do bridges aka pelvic thrusts instead. I hope the class enjoyed watching that!
  • It's should probably be awkward that Jess and I were having a dance party in QLF's parking lot as the last of the staff left...but it was so much fun!
What are some awesome & awkward moments from your week?


  1. Your sneakers are so fun! And those oreo peanut butter brownies look AMAZING! Have a great weekend!

    1. I wish I could wear them all day every day!

      Thanks girl!

  2. My mouth is watering over that Oreo concoction. I totally would have eaten it for breakfast.

    1. It was even better than I had remembered! Served with a side of milk would almost make it like breakfast, right?