Fall TV...It Is So On!

Yes, I am aware that most shows have already returned weeks ago. But the CW pushed their start dates to October, so this is when I get officially excited about the return of my fave shows!


The Vampire Diaries is finally back tonight! This is obviously my favorite show since I've mentioned it more than any other show throughout this blog. This summer I managed to get a super deal on Seasons 1 & 2, held about a two week marathon, the followed it up with season 3 (still saved on my DVR) for probably the third time. This week I rewatched the last two epps to get me emotionally set for the premier. I do have dinner/book club tonight, so I will have to put off watching for a few hours. There are so many new fun things happening this season: Will they be able to make Elena human again? How will they restore Klause's body? Will Elena finally pick Damon? Please tell me Elija will get some camera time!

OMGG! It's the last season. I've been with this show through thick and thin...even when it sucked last season, I still watched holding out for it to return to it's former glory. And the season premier was the the light of hope that I needed. I'm def looking forward to the end game of Chuck & Blair and the reveal of gossip girl!

New Girl has been back on for a few weeks and it just keeps bringing the laughs. This show gets better every epp. I watch most eppisodes twice and end up discovering lines that I missed the first time. Love it!

What shows are you watching this fall?


  1. Love love love New Girl. I can't get enough of that show!

    1. Me too! I can't wait for tonights epp!