Awesome & Awkward Friday

This was a short week since I was on holiday Monday. It was cram packed with activities and I think I might be suffering from a sleep deficit, so naps will def be scheduled in on Sunday...hopefully.

Linking up with From My Grey Desk to share my fave 5 things from the week.

1. Even though the cherry donuts disappointed, these fresh donut holes helped to warm my cold heart.

2. We ate outside for girls dinner. The table next to us consisted of 3 mom's and 2 screaming kids. And I don't mean screaming because they are throwing a fit, but screaming just to make noise. It was rather annoying. I gave them a nice sssssshhhhhhhhhhhHHHHHH! That started out kind of quiet, then crescendoed (is that even a word when you add the ed?). I wish I could share with you the mental picture of their shock. BUT the mom's did tell the kids to quite down after that.

3. The new bodyjam release is amazing! I can't wait to hit that up again tomorrow morning.

4. My phone is crazy. I've been up for an upgrade for months, but I had decided to keep my droid until it kicked it since it's only a year old. I think that time is coming. Last night I was making a call but it wouldn't accept my click. So i kept clicking on call...about 7 times. FINALLY it made the call, but then it started trying to conference in the same person about 6 times since I had tapped on the call button. What is that?!? I couldn't get it to stop so I had to restart my phone. I don't want to get rid of Droid, but its like he's sabotaging himself to force me into the loving embrace of the iphone.

5.  This week I went with brownies - nothing fancy in it, just brownies. The original gangster, if you will. (I will.)

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  1. those donut holes look AMAZING! it has been to long..