Popcorn Cake

I spent two days baking with my grandma last week. I love that she was up to make whatever my little heart desired. Well, I was craving popcorn. And what goes better with popcorn than m&ms? And something salty and crunchy never hurts.

Popcorn Cake
5 quarts popped popcorn
3 1/2 c chopped pretzels
1 medium bag m&m (12.60 oz)
2 bags marshmallows
5 tbs butter

  1. Coat paper bag and tube pan with nonstick spray.
  2. Combine popcorn, m&m's, and pretzels in paper bag.
  3. Melt butter and marshmallows on 1 min intervals stirring in between until smooth.
  4. Pour marshmallow mix into popcorn mix and stir (spray your spoon with nonstick spray!)
  5. Once fully combined, pour into tube pan while pressing down to get everything to fit. You may have a smidge that doesn't fit...just eat it.
  6. Let set until cool, then put on platter and eat!

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