Pole 3.3&4

I didn't post about 3.2 because that's the only post I did from my last attempt at 3. The only noteworthy thing is that Honey has decided to join my class! I did notice that I haven't been as excited about Pole this time around. One reason is that it's hard with my slightly injured hip/glute muscle, and that's frustrating. But another is that I don't get to see my friends in class every week. It's starting to feel like old times now that I know I'll see Honey!

Well...I actually missed this class. Personal stuff, blah. So I made sure to hit up open pole.
It was so nice because I had the whole studio to myself! My muscle issue is getting better, but I still can't move my hips in a way that I need to for the dancing portion of practice. Irritated. So I focused on spins, climbs, and inverting.

My spins still feel a little awkward after taking a few weeks off, but they are getting back up to par. I think part of the problem is my left leg isn't giving me 100% yet, but hopefully that'll change as I continue physical therapy.

I made it back for the 4th class.

Turned out that I only missed the lesson in head stands. Headstands are not my fave, but I'm working on it. I can't get into it by lifting both legs at the same time to make it seem extra fancy...yet. But I can hold them for a while and do moves, so whatever.

The big thing about this class? I made a friend. What's her name? I think you already know that I'm terribly about covering introductions...but I call her k.stew when I talk about her. What? She kind of reminds me of her, so naturally she's me new pole bestie.

We learned the Fire Ball - 3 ways

  • Regular - Grip the pole (thumb up) at shoulder height, then hook your inside leg as close as you can to your hand grip, then fall forward keeping your bottom leg straight. As you start to spin, grip the pole with your other hand (thumb up) before the hooked leg. Spin until you land on the floor.
  • Bent leg: same thing, but bend your bottom leg at the knee so that your feet are touching.
  • Backwards: Basically the same thing, but you fall backwards instead. I can't do this one yet. It just feels really weird.
I don't want to be over the top with my confidence...but I would have to say that I've mastered it on my right side. The left needs work (as always), and I'm too scared to even try the backwards one.

Overall this was a good class (even though Honey wasn't there) and has started to renew my love for this sport!

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