Open Pole Sesh

So I had this genius idea that instead of doing a Vup from the ground that I'd climb the pole, do the the v-kick and turn it into an invert. You know, since I was having trouble doing it from the ground.

Now I realize how much of a less than brilliant plan that was, but it seemed to make sense at the time.

I just figured that half the battle was won since I would already be supporting my body weight from the start.

After open house I stayed for open pole and explained my master plan to Honey and asked if she wanted to help. She figured it was a good plan and that they really are the same difficulty level, it just looks more impressive when you do it from a climb. I'm all about looking impressive, so I got pumped on my plan.

I grabbed the pole to climb, and paused while I worked through the process in my mind to make sure there wasn't any possibility of me losing grip with my hands. In that pause Honey thought it looked like I was praying so she started to get nervous for me. She said that if I died doing this that I'll ruin pole for her forever, but didn't even mention about how much she would miss me. WTH Honey? That's so ratchet!

So I spun into my climb and positioned myself to the left of the pole, panicked, yelled that I can't do it, and spun down.

Honey pep talked me, so I made another attempt. As I threw my v-split I was reminded that I actually really suck at that when I'm already up the pole, so I didn't have enough ab power to get it up enough to flip it. Devastation.

So then Honey came up with a good plan. She said that I should do the roley poly, add a vsplit, then pull the invert. She made it look so easy!

The first time I attempted it wasn't graceful, but I ended in an invert...maybe a foot off the ground. Yeah, I need to be a lot higher than that. So Honey said to pull myself up when I roley poly instead of doing it in the normal spot. Easier said than done. Usually we are wrapping around in fetal position a little below shoulder height, but I need to manage to pull myself up to about head height. I did it once but it was not impressive looking at all.

It's def a work in progress. I've started attending the ab class at the gym twice a week, so hopefully that'll help me get my ab strength back up to par. I really don't remember when or why I got lazy and stopped working them properly. WTF Jes of the past?

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