Awesome & Awkward Friday

Today I'm enjoying a day off...since I seem to have hoarded some of my holiday time.

Linking up with From My Grey Desk to share the highlights of my week!

  • I only have 16 working days this year!
  • Our office got to leave at 4 to play kickball. My team won, and I got to home twice!
setting up.
  • I made this:

  • Kari's surprise bday dinner!

  • Breaking Dawn. I loved it. Great interpretation of the books.

  • "You need to tell your coworker (insert name) that her incompetence is jacking my shit up." I hated to go Momma Bear on the hotel, but it's not my fault that the morning girl misquoted rates and didn't actually extend the reservation like she said she did. I did tell the girl that I was sorry for being rude because it's not her fault that her coworker can't handle simple tasks. Needless to say, I did get the rates that I had been told and stayed in budget! Booking travel is so much fun.
  • When you realize you might actually be getting old. After the few sprints I ran in kickball my body was hurting the next day. Long runs and short bursts sure do have different effects on my body. I feel like I need to oil up my hip socket.
  • Marina sent the office a breakdown of the kickball teams and left me off. I replied all "I feel like I didn't make a team. This is elementary school all over again." I could hear the back office laughing when they got it...it's only funny because it's true.
  • B and I went to use up our remaining Studio Movie Grill Groupons on an 8p James Bond showing. I feel asleep twice.
  • There was a part during Breaking Dawn where I may have said (out loud) "This is the worst movie ever!" I take it back...and am going to see it again tomorrow.


  1. Um, whatever that is you made looks delicious!! I need the recipe!

  2. an office kick ball game....sounds fun!!