Pole: Open House

Pole La Teaz had an open house and I managed to get 4 people to sign up! Well, Stacy ended up getting sick and Ashley had to work, so that left me with 2: Jess and Amanda.

There were cookies and mimosas so we could mix and mingle for the first 30 min. I was anxious to get the show started because I didn't know what we would be working on this day and couldn't wait to find out!

We have a new instructor that just transferred from the Atlanta location and she led about an hour of chair dance. Sounds easy, right? You are wrong. Very wrong. Dance is fun, but it starts to burn when you are in 6 inch heels and having to drop it low and keep it low while hip rolling over, and over, and over. And when we were on the chair we did bicycles and crunches. I was sweating so much that when we took it to the floor my legs were sliding all over the place = huge bruises on my knees.

The teacher did have good enthusiasm. I don't think I've been told I'm a sexy lady so much in my life. And she yelled owww every few seconds. My fave part is when we were on the floor and she yelled "Surprise!" as she did a v kick. It was so funny.

After a quick break we transitioned into pole dance. We spent about 30 min learning a mini routine that included the fireman spin.

After open house was over I showed Amanda and Jess a lot of my spins, my pole climb & dismount, and invert (still a work in progress). This was the first time that I had shown my friends in person any of the things that I've been working on, so I was pretty nervous. Between the nerves and the effort of the spins my pulse was racing.

I had so much fun, and I think the girls did too since Amanda ended up buying some PLT worthy heels the next week! They aren't as striptastic as mine, but they are still pretty hot with their peep toe and spikes.

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  1. Reminder to readers: My daughter is not a stripper, she does this for fun and intense workout. Just a mamma, just say'n. LOL