Recently one of my friends posted on facebook "Buckeye fans are just as bad if not worse than tech and texas fans." This friend is an Aggie.
I graduated from Tech and am pretty ride or die about it. I can get pretty fired up when people start to classify all Tech people under the same category.

Our main negative stereotypes are that we're all a bunch of assholes, the worst fans ever, alcoholics, and have the raider rash - you know, because we're all super slutty.

It really gets on my nerves because I'm not any of those things. Yes, I know people from Tech that meet each of those things, except the raider rash - I don't know anyone with that, but I think that all schools have people that are also those things.

So I commented on my friends status how I'm going to try and not take offense to his Tech comment and how the last time I went to a game at Kyle field the Aggie fans were rude too.

Naturally some people commented about how terrible tech is and gave specific examples...some of the things they said I had never even heard of, but were probably true.

I did hold my tongue because I'm not about to get into a facebook sparing matching, I am 26 and not 13. But I considered telling them that they are right, and that when we receive our acceptance letters to Tech they also include a Code of Conduct on how to be an asshole, so we are all like that all the time. But I figured that might just fire them up more because sarcasm isn't always appreciated.

The point is, don't classify us all the same way (especially when we are supposed to be friends and you know I'm not like that and I'm pretty sure you aren't kidding around). Just like I don't consider all aggies to be overly arrogant, even though some of them are.

Side Note: Croc will give me a hard time about going to Tech but he does try to throw in there that he's just joking because he knows how I really am. And that's why I never want to get all stereotypical and throw an elbow to his face.

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