Should We Be Concerned That I Book Travel For My Company?

Back in August I booked my flight for Lindsey's October wedding. I was considering flying down Wednesday night but after looking at my calendar I remembered that I would miss the last class before pole graduation. Conundrum? Not really, I just booked a flight for early Thursday morning.

Or so I thought.

October 17 comes around (Wednesday). I get up to snooze my running alarm and notice that I have a text from the airlines letting me know that my 7:10a flight is on schedule. In my sleepy confusion I first thought that it was nice that they are letting me know 24 hours in advance that my flight is on time. Then I realized how odd that was, opened up my email to check my flight details (because I didn't read the reminder I got on Monday)...yeah, totally booked my flight a day early and didn't notice. I managed to get it pushed to the afternoon flight for a fee of $75, so disaster partly diverted.

I popped out of bed and started packing while mentally making a list of everything I had to get done at work in half the time...and how to tell my boss I'm dumb.

I still don't know how I managed this. Part of my job is booking travel, so you would think that I could handle booking my own flight since I know what I want.

As we pulled into Sunray at10:30 Wednesday night, Mom told me that I got to help Marsh with his homework that night. Great! Actually I don't mind helping with math, but I was not down with the science arts and crafts situation he had going on. I don't even know what we were making exactly, just that it involved 40 circles that slightly vary in size. I got through about 30 circles, became way too frustrated with the perfection and accuracy it was lacking, and told Marsh he could finish the last 10 and make it work. He then cut the most deformed circle I've ever seen. I looked at him and asked "Seriously?" I hate that I can't always turn down my perfectionist side, especially when his level of craftsmanship was clearly below mine.

We got it done, I double checked his math (which was actually fun), and then I called it a night because it was way past my bedtime.

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