Beer Taster Extraordinare

Adam brews his own beer. It's pretty cool.

B and I went over to his house when he was starting the process for his Sumpin' Pumpkin a while back. I probably asked a billion questions, and some of them were fired right after the other. I also touched about everything in his kitchen and his house. Probably weird and rude but I wouldn't mind if he did that to my apartment, so I just went with it. I'm kind of nosey.

Anyway, the science of beer brewing is rather fascinating. I wish I could tell you more, but my memory has already faded...

Once his beer was ready (many weeks later), he invited me and B over for a blind taste test.

You must know that I actually don't like beer. Like at all at all. He knows this, but asked me anyway. I was honored, and curious if I could actually taste a difference between the 5 beers in the taste test (all beer usually tastes the same to me, which is bad).

I showed up late (stupid Wal-mart line) and he got my taste test ready.

5 half filled glasses, pen, and a blank sheet of paper sat before me. I was instructed to take notes of the flavors, then rank them 1-5.

I picked up the cup on the left, took a whiff of the scent, then took a sip. Another smell, then another sip. Wrote down my thoughts and repeated 5 times.

Adam commented on seriously I was taking it. I told him that I wanted to make sure to give him the best feedback I could because this is something that he made, and that's a pretty serious sitch!

Really, only the first beer tasted good...because it turned out to be a cider. After that it was all about ranking the order of badness.

My notes were something like:
1. juice
2. beer + red wine. ewwww.
3. brown sugar
4. beer
5. Christmas

His ended up being #3. I didn't rank it well...but then again it was dark beer and I'm already not a beer lover. BUT it did smell delish! I should have known it was his because he did have an awful lot of brown sugar out when I went over to see the brewing process.

Of course his beer was a hit with actual beer lovers. I'm so impressed and am already insisting that he switch his expertise to sparkling wine...or sparkling grape juice.

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