Awesome and Awkward Friday

I've been gone since Sunday so I am so homesick for Houston right now, it's redic. BUT it's been good to see the fam since I was last here in October.

Linking up with Lauren, like always.

  • Had an awesome time bowling last weekend. And I didn't come in last! I did, however, rip two of my fingernails. ouch!
  • My phone fell out of my coat pocket in the rain. :( Luckily the only damage is that my camera no longer works. Which is pretty tragic. And explains the extra lack of pic on the blog as of late. So I will most likely be caving and trading out Droid for an iPhone soon.
  • Baby Marsh!
  • Got to see two of my best CHS girls! Not sure if I'll get to see the other two because my trip is almost over.
  • Annual Donut Stop date with Kara!


  1. Found you through the link up! I must say that donut with the red icing looks DELICIOUS!!!!


  2. Looks like you had a great week! Happy New year!

  3. Found you through the link up...you won't regret trading the droid for an iphone. I did it and wished I had sooner!

  4. So fun! That doughnut looks so good!! Found you from H54F! You can find me here: http://www.alyssadawsonblog.com/

  5. Thanks for stopping by from H54F! Great pic in front of your tree! Can't believe you ripped two nails bowling! I was bowling on Thursday with family and luckily didn't have any injuries (other than my pride ... a result of bowling so terribly.)
    Hope you have a great New Years!