So I've been doing this whole Dexter marathon thing since Thanksgiving. I popped by Blockbuster to return the first two discs of season three and grab the 3rd and 4th. They didn't have it. I asked the desk person to double check and it turns out the store doesn't own it. I looked at her in a mixture of panic and frustration, then signed for about 3 seconds while contemplating WWDD? (what would Dexter do) and realized it wasn't within the code, so he would probably do nothing.

So I went home, did some online research and turns out none of the Blockbusters in Houston have it. WTF is that?

My Theories?
  • These discs were banned so they were all burned.
  • It's like the ring so after it was watched the renter was killed by Samara, therefore they couldn't return it so it ended up being checked out so long that they became the owner.
  • It's the best set of epps so the renter kept it to watch it over and over.

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