Fall Races

I ran a few 5k races these last few months, and I have a bone to pick.

Brawt Trot 5k

I ran this one as a last min decision when I was in Dalhart in October. The night before the race my Papa saw something about it in the paper, it sounded fun, so I signed up and the grandparents cheered me on to victory!

The only thing that irritated me (other than the dry climate) is that there wasn't a water stop. I've ran a few 5K races, and they have all had water stops. Yeah, 5k isn't that far, but when I'm breathing in cold dry air some water would be nice because my insides felt like they were drying up.

Monster Mash 10k

I ran this last year with Kari and enjoyed it. It was three loops (that was kind of annoying), but not that bad.

This year they decided to switch it up by having us start on the horse track. WTF?!? This is one of those times when I probably should have read the race details...Anyway, so we start on a horse track for a little over a loop of sand running. Seriously. Yes, I would love to tire my legs out a bit and risk rolling my ankle (which almost happened once).

Firefly 5k

This one had the potential to be great because it was at night and the weather was really great! I was running a decent pace and felt good. When I finished I checked my watch for the stats: ummm, 2.87 is not a 5k. I know that my garmin is occasionally off, but never has it been off by this much. According to the race results I have a new PR...but since the distance was off I didn't really PR, so it's a lie and is driving me nuts.

To summarize: Please have water, don't make me run on sand, and have an accurate race distance. Please and thank you.

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