Pole 3.6

OMG! Only one more class and one practice day before graduation. Panic is starting to set in...like always.

About an hour before class Erica emailed us the details of the dance. This was great because I can't ever remember any of it and improvising for a whole song makes my pulse race from fear.

This class we worked on the twizzler and mine is getting a lot closer to what it should be. It's so important that I get this down because it's the foundation of some pretty cool spin things.

New Skills: Superwoman. This is just a hold once you climb up the pole. You are basically trying to lay parallel to the floor. So you put your legs out and cross at the ankle (The key is to squeeze the pole as hard as you can and hope that your not sweating so much that you start to slide). Grip the pole with either hand a few inches above where your legs are holding on, lay back, pelvis up.

There is this product called Dry Hands that is supposed to help dry up your sweat so you can do holds like this. Yeah, my sweat totally defies it.

Pretty successful class. And I even 'Jack Dawsoned' K.Stew. Turns out her name is Renee.

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