Awesome & Awkward Friday

It's been a while since I've been this excited for Friday. It was a really rough week. I will mark it as successful because I got to practice a lot of patience, and I didn't stab anyone with my letter opener, and I didn't rage out in the kitchen when I had a baking fail. Trust, it's a bigger accomplishment than it sounds. Anyway, today is Friday and I plan on celebrating by actually socializing and some dancing.

Linking up with Lauren.
  • Pretty sure my apartment is haunted. My ipod came on in the bathroom when I was in the living room. Great.
  • It rained a lot this week. I got splashed pretty bad on my way to work Tuesday morning. Surprisingly, that was the best part of my work day...it's been a rough week.
  • I made cookies, forgot to add the baking soda until everything was mixed. It makes a pretty big difference when you add it last. baking fail.
  • Thursday the sun finally came out and it was the best day so far...and then one of my favorite coworkers resigned.
  • It's Girl Scout cookie season! I placed an order for only 5 boxes. Yes, only.

  • Today I did spin before work.

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