Massage Chair of Death and Getting Dextered

Kara & Me (thanks for donating your photo to the blog..even though the editing makes me look creepy.)

Kara was kind enough to scoop me up from the airport Christmas night...even though my flight was about 45min delayed. Our embrace was so intense that passerbys could have confused us for lovers.

So she safely delivers me to her house where she puts me in the massage chair of death. This thing is both glorious and frightening at the same time. It has separate places to put your feet and hands so that it can lock you in. She tilts me into the "zero gravity position" and turns it on. The first time it starts to massage my arm (aka squeeze my arm into place so I can't escape) I started to panic and pulled it out asap.

While in the chair, the topic of Dexter came up. Probably because I'm still high off of my 7 season marathon I've been working on since Thanksgiving (it's good to have goals!). Anyway, I mention about how Dexter is totally cool, except for that time that he killed his bff, but his bff totally had it coming. She asked why he would kill his bff, so I told her it's because he put him into a massage chair of death. She thought it was a coincidence that she too had me in a chair of death....she obvs didn't catch the sarcasm. Haha. It was pretty funny watching her as I explained that I was kidding...except for the part where he really did kill Miguel.

I mentioned something about Harry Potter and she said "Did you see the new one?" Me, "huh?" Kara, "You know, the Hobbit."


I felt speechless for about .0023 seconds. How could she even confuse the two?

Anyway, I believe I threatened to dexter her.

And in that moment "Dextered" became a verb.  And yes, I kind of threatened my bff. No big since she later called me an ass hole.


  1. You girls are too much!!! This cracked me up. And as crazy as it sounds, I would love to be strapped into that chair this very moment. LOL!

  2. Very nice writing and interesting description of massage chair. I just use vending massage chair as I dont have one of my own.