-An abbreviated form of the word "usual" aka "the usj"

Ex. "What have you been up to?" - "Oh, you know, the usj."

Yes, I am that person that uses the word usj. I also sometimes make up my own words if I can't find one that fits what I'm trying to say. I will also turn anything into a verb (i.e. Jack Dawsoned). I try to write on the blog how it would sound if I were telling you this stuff in real life (hence the awkward gramar and use of question marks in the middle of my sentences). BUT today is the first day I'm using "the usj" on my blog. This is a big day.

There have been many times that I wanted to say "the usj" but I wasn't really sure how to spell it. Even looking at the spelling makes me think "WTF is that word." It almost looks like I randomly hit a few keys and decided to just make it work.

So at The Last Supper I answered a question with "Oh, the usj." And that got me thinking about the spelling, so I asked Croc how he would spell it. He claims to have never heard the word before, so he wasn't most helpful. When sounding it out there is a kind of a "sh" "g" and "j" sound, but putting all of those letters together a "usj" does not make. Croc spelt it "ushg" and "ush" but I dissagreed and said there should be a 'j' in there. So he had the best suggestion of the night when he said to hit up Urban Dictionary. So simple! Why didn't I do this ages ago?

Turns out I was right as "usj" is the official (or as official as we are going to get) spelling.

And yes, I did just type all of this about such a silly word. But would you expect anything else from me?


  1. hah, this cracked me up. thanks for sharing the appropriate way to spell it! seriously though, thanks.

  2. i just have to say that if taffan knew that you used the word "spelt" instead of spelled, she would be really excited.