Awesome & Awkward Friday

Linking up with Lauren to share the first week of 2013!
  • I received a $25 Target gift card since I tied for first loser 2nd place in the Winter Wow-a-thon my gym had last month. The object was to attend the most classes, and I attended like a boss. I feel like I should make the 1st place and other 2nd place person my new gym bff's since we are always there together...once I figure out who they are.
  • Brittany giving me dating advice...based on her Jr. High experiences because she started dating Cole way back then and they are now married. Her examples are funny, but still appreciated.
  • Got to have a little couch and computer time with Jess on New Year Day. What a wonderful start to 2013!

  • Finally saw Lawless and it was really good...but traumatizing.
  • Please excuse me while I celebrate Friday by having Oreo's for breakfast and then using my Justin Bieber toothbrush.
How's your year starting off?


  1. I need someone like YOU to motivate ME to even go to the gym!!!!

  2. Anonymous6.1.13

    I love the combination of item #1 and item #5 :) I'm a frequent cookie-for-breakfast-er, too. Almost feel like I shouldn't be admitting that...

  3. How was Lawless? I haven't seen it. I'm impressed at your gym winnings! Congrats! Good way to start off the new year!